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Santa Clara Trenchless Water Line Service

The Installation Method

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Santa Clara Trenchless Service provides water line replacement. This is a method of replacing an old water pipe with a new poly-pipe of the same or larger inner diameter.  Two holes are excavated in areas of minimum damage (Lawn or Dirt). A trenchless tool is used to bore a hole from one hole to the other. The max length between holes is 45ft.  A poly-pipe is then pulled through and the final connection are made. Santa Clara Trenchless provide by Tony’s Plumbing Co.

  • NO damage to landscaping *
  • NO damage to concrete areas*
  • Guarantee of no future leaks
  • Stability to withstand subtle ground movement
  • A great savings over traditional methods of pipe replacement
  • All jobs are warranteed
  • Minimum Lawn Removal
Start of Project End of Project Guarantee

 The Material We Use

polyethylene 200 PSI CTS pipe in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" sizes


Do you want a water supply piping system that doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks, Santa Clara Trenchless installs a chlorine-resistant, scale-resistant with fewer fittings, connections, and elbows than rigid plastic and metallic pipe. Explore the use of Polyethylene Pipe, we guarantee it!

Water Line



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Tonys Plumbing of San Jose / Santa Clara also offers Trenchless water line replacement Service. This is a method of replacing an old water pipe with a new poly-pipe of the same or larger inner diameter with minium damage. Two holes are excavated in areas of minimum damage (Lawn or Dirt). A trenchless tool is used to bore a hole from one hole to the other. The max length between holes is 45ft. A poly-pipe is then pulled through and the final connection are made. Tonys Plumbing of San Jose / Santa Clara also known as Santa Clara Trenchless provide the best in trenchless service..
  • NO damage to landscaping
  • NO damage to concrete areas
  • Guarantee of no future leaks
  • Stability to withstand subtle ground movement
  • A great savings over traditional methods of pipe replacement
  • Most jobs are warranted for LIFE
  • Minimum Lawn Removal

WHAT IS POLYETHYLENE ?Sample of Polyethylene Pipe

When Hogan and Banks first created a reaction between ethylene and benzaldehyde using two thousand atmospheres of internal pressure, their experiment went askew when all the pressure escaped due to a leak in the testing container. On opening the tube they were stunned to find a white waxy substance that looked a lot like some form of plastic. After repeating the experiment, they discovered that the loss of pressure was not due to a leak at all, but was a result of the polymerization process. The residue polyethylene (PE) resin was a milky white, translucent substance derived from ethylene (CH2=CH2). Polyethylene was produced with either a low or high density.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) has a density ranging from 0.91 to 0.93 g/cm3 (0.60 to 0.61 oz/cu in). The molecules of LDPE have a carbon backbone with side groups of four to six carbon atoms attached randomly along the main backbone. LDPE is the most widely used of all plastics, because it is inexpensive, flexible, extremely tough, and chemical-resistant. LDPE is molded into bottles, garment bags, frozen food packages, and plastic toys.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) has a density that ranges from 0.94 to 0.97 g/cm3 (0.62 to 0.64 oz/cu in). Its molecules have an extremely long carbon backbone with no side groups. As a result, these molecules align into more compact arrangements, accounting for the higher density of HDPE. HDPE is stiffer, stronger, and less translucent than low-density polyethylene. HDPE is formed into grocery bags, car fuel tanks, packaging, and, of course, piping.

Polyethylene pipe is used by

Polyethylene connect to the City Meter most City utility companies as a replacement to supply their water meters from the water main in the street to their water meter past the curb. These utility company discovered that the use of this material has a lot of benefits and long lasting. I was in San Jose area checking a customer’s water pressure and discovered a type K copper pipe that was replaced with a ¾” CTS polyethylene pipe just below the FORD CTS meter cock-valve.


The history of the polyethylene (PE) pipe begins with early civilization's attempts to find a suitable transport medium that could move waterChildren playing with Hula Hoops and other fluids from one place to another. It is no secret that plastic is relatively a new kid on the block as a piping material. Concrete has, in some form or another, been around since the Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians, while steel was first patented in 1855. Plastic piping, on the other hand, beginning with polyvinyl chloride or PVC in 1926, dates back to the 1930s, when it was utilized for sanitary drainage. Polyethylene was first developed in 1933 as a flexible, low density coating and insulating material for electrical cables. It played a key role during World War II -- first as an underwater cable coating and then as a critical insulating material for such vital military applications as radar insulation. Because of its light weight, radar equipment was easier to carry on a plane, which allowed the out-numbered Allied aircraft to detect German bombers under difficult conditions such as nightfall and thunderstorms.

What we know as polyethylene pipe, poly pipe or pe pipe, would not be what it is today were it not for our obsession with the hula hoop in the 1950s.

High density polyethylene, however, is quite a bit different from the polyethylene used in the 1930s. Low density polyethylene was discovered in 1935 and it wasn't until sixteen years later in 1951 that high density polyethylene appeared on the scene. As a relatively newcomer in the piping industry, polyethylene is constantly making its way into applications normally reserved for the older piping technologies. It was not until after the war, though, that the material became a tremendous hit with consumers and from that point on, its rise in popularity has been almost unprecedented. Since the late 1950s and early 1960s, polyethylene has made its way into every corner of our lives launching a multi-billion dollar industry. It became the first plastic in the United States to sell more than a billion pounds a year and it is currently the largest volume plastic in the world. This is partly due to the fact that there are certain characteristics (or combinations of characteristics) of high density polyethylenethat make it an attractive alternative. Whether it is an issue of installing a new piping system or rehabilitating an existing system, there are certain requirements placed on the piping material: that it be simple to install, that it doesn't leak or cost a lot to maintain, and will last a very long time. As long as polyethylene can satisfy these demands better than any other material, it will continue its gain in popularity.

Thank you for visiting our site! We know that you have many choices for a plumber in Santa Clara or San Jose area and appreciate you visitingus here. We service all types of plumbing and Drain Cleaning problems. For a Plumber near or in Santa Clara CA you can always count on Tony’s Plumbing Co. Serving Santa Clara and San Jose since 1993. We have made a lasting impression with the Resident in Santa Clara and San Jose. We are available to answer your calls 24 hours a day and service all of Santa Clara and surrounding areas. Areas of service include the following cities and their surrounding communities: San Jose, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Los Altos Hill, Mountain View Cupertino Palo Alto & East Palo Alto.

     We are a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing company operating in Santa Clara and San Jose California, and what we offer is pride and satisfaction in our work. We have a satisfaction guaranteed policy, and we will not consider our job finished until you are satisfied.

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